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#CIESZYNLOVE | Photo Tour of My Hometown - Cieszyn

Evangelical Church

Jesus Church is the biggest Lutheran church in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe. It is 72 meters high and can accommodate almost 7,000 believers. It is almost four times more than the opera house of La Scala in Milano!

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Castle Hill

We can be astonished by so called tourist attractions for many reasons. Usually it is the historical, architectural aspect or a unique view that we find delightful. Sticking to the principle mentioned above we can surely admit that the Castle Hill in Cieszyn is a tourist attraction cubed - it meets all the basic needs of a tourist.

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Głęboka Street

So it is with cool towns that each one has some sort of a high street, which everyone knows about. Kraków has its Floriańska street, Zakopane - Krupówki, and Sopot - Monciak. Such a street in Cieszyn is Głęboka. Be cautious - it is not just a flat, concrete trail resembling a runway at the airport.

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